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Pakistan produces many varieties of good quality rice in the world. Among them Basmati rice is the most superior. Pakistani Basmati Rice is non-glutinous, aromatic long grain slender and scented rice. It is the world’s best rice one can use for cooking. The presence of Basmati rice in royal menus of various cultures as the main dish has made it queen of rice, which grows in Pakistan. Distinct fragrance and delicious taste signifies Super Kernal’s best quality.

Along with these, we are exporting several other good qualities of rice produced in Pakistan, which are listed below.

  • Rice IRRI-6 silky/Double polish sortex 5% to 25%
  • Rice IRRI-6 silky/Double polish sortex 100% broken
  • Rice IRRI-6 silky/Double polish sortex (Parboiled)
  • Rice IRRI-9 silky/Double polish sortex
  • Rice D-98 silky/Double polish sortex
  • Rice 386 silky/Double polish sortex
  • Rice super kernal Basmati silky/Double polish sortex
  • Rice super kernal Basmati (Parboiled)
  • Rice super kernal Basmati (Brown)
  • Rice 1121 (White and Parboiled)
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Our Factories:


Kanwal Trading Company Pvt Ltd has two Rice units with an hourly capacity of 15 MT. Kanwal Industries Kotri location occupy one plant and Kanwal Rice Industries Bin Qasim Occupy one unit. The units also includes Color Sorter machines.



Kanwal Trading Company Pvt Ltd has two Sesame Seeds Cleaning Units with Color Sorter of IGSP Korea. Production Capacity of 3 MT per hour for both Natural and Sortex Quality. Sesame Seeds Hulled unit is also equipped with a Color Sorter of the same with production capacity of 1 MT per Hour. All these plants are located at Kanwal Industries Kotri location.



Kanwal is one of the most leading and trusted brands in the domestic pulses quality. Our Machine is ordered from India to split the pulses and it was among the first units for the company about a more than a decade ago. It is also equipped with color sorter.

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